Which Nissin Flash is Right for You?


The Nissin MF18 Macro Ring Flash is an easy-to-use TTL ring flash designed for professional medical and dental photography.  The MF18 features a user-friendly interface that delivers consistently accurate exposures in Auto or TTL mode.  The Nissin MF18 delivers 12 f/stop more light output than LED ring lights; this enables you to shoot with apertures (f16-f32) required for maximum depth of field. 

The Nissin MG10 is a powerful (GN80, 165 w/s) multi-purpose handle grip flash designed for professional real estate, wedding and event photography. For real estate photography, the Nissin MG10 incorporates a remote shutter release trigger built-into the flash grip. This allows the user to move freely around a space with the flash capturing flash exposures without having to setup and reposition flashes and light stands.

The Nissin MG80 Pro flash was designed for professional high volume wedding and event photographers. The MG80 Pro features robust heat resistance, lithium ion battery support, and Nissin's NAS wireless radio control system (transmitter and receiver). The MG80 Pro incorporates venting in the flash head with heat resistant components (quartz flash tube, glass plate, etc.) to deliver continuous shooting without overheating.

Nissin Flash Comparison Chart

Nissin i600 Flash Nissin Di700A Flash Nissin MG80 Pro Flash Nissin MG10 Flash
Compact Size for Mirrorless Cameras Yes No No No
Power (GN) 60 GN 54 GN 60 GN, 83 watt seconds 80 GN, 165 watt seconds
Built-in Receiver for Off-Camera Wireless Flash No Yes Yes, and Built-in Commander Yes
Optical Slave Yes Yes No No
Color Display No (Manual Control Dials) Yes, Color LED Display Yes, Color LCD Display No Display (Always used with Air 10s Commander)
Superior Heat Resistance for High Volume Flashes No No Yes Yes
Battery System AA Batteries AA Batteries AA Batteries, or Li-ion Batteries (type 14500) AA Batteries, or Li-ion Batteries (type 26650)
Retail Price $149.95 $199.95 $449.95 $599.95 with Air 10s Commander
Best For: Powerful compact flash designed for on-camera use with mirrorless cameras Easy-to-use, intuitive controls designed for on-camera of off-camera lighting High volume professional wedding and event photographers Professional real estate and event photographers