Nissin NAS (Nissin Air System) Wireless

 What is the Nissin Air System (NAS)?

Nissin Air System

The Nissin Air System (NAS) is a 2.4Ghz wireless radio transmitter system developed by Nissin Digital that allows photographers to control and trigger flashes remotely, with coverage up to 100 meters (328 feet), even around obstacles.  NAS allows for radio transmission IDs and separate channels to be set to prevent interference with other wireless devices.

Easy-to-Pair with Responsive Controls

NAS allows for the quick and easy linking of flashes and controllers (commanders).  Nissin Air 1 and Air 10s Commanders enable real-time wireless remote control of all linked flashes, including TTL exposure compensation, manual power, flash zoom, modeling lights, high-speed sync, etc. Settings changed on the Nissin Air 1 or Air 10s Commander are instantly displayed on the Nissin Di700A, i60A, and MG80 Pro. The Nissin Air 1 and Air 10s Commander also have a built-in AF assist light for shooting in low-light environments.


NAS is integrated into many Nissin Digital flashes, including the Di700A, i60A, and MG80 Pro. NAS capability can also be added to other Nissin flashes, including the i400, i40, and i600, as well as flashes from other brands simply by attaching Nissin Air R Receivers to those flashes (Canon, Nikon, and Sony).

High-Speed Sync (HSS)

NAS supports high-speed sync up to 1/8000 of a second where supported by flash and camera limitations.  High-speed sync produces a rapid burst of multiple flashes that enables the flash to sync with camera shutter speeds up to 1/8000 second.  The rapid bursts required for high-speed sync significantly reduce the flash's light output; this enables the use of wider apertures and shallower depth of field without sacrificing background detail, even in bright sunny shooting conditions.  

Comparison of Nissin Air 1 vs Air 10s Controllers

  Air 1 Air 10S
Functions with Nissin i60A / Di700A / Air R Receiver (Basic Groups)
Transmission Distance 30m (98') 100m (328')
Manual Power Control 1/128 1/256
Flash Compensation +/- 2 EV 1/2 EV 1/3 EV
Flash Groups 3 8 with MG model flashes
HSS (High-Speed Sync 1/8000 sec) Yes Yes
Flash Zoom 24-200mm Manual Auto/Manual
TTL to Manual Conversion No Yes
Power - AAA Batteries 2 2
Firmware Update Process Service Required User-upgradeable by Micro SD
Functions with Air 10s on Nissin MG10 / MG8 / MG80 Pro
Modeling Light Control No Yes
Mix TTL and Manual Flash Modes No Yes
Remote Release No Yes
Open Mode - cross platform compatibility allows users with different brand cameras to control the same Advanced Groups No Yes

Nissin Air System (NAS) Wireless FAQ: