Firmware Updates

Models with User-Upgradeable Firmware:

The newest Nissin Digital flash units and commanders have firmware that you can update by downloading a firmware file to your computer and updating the units using a micro SD card. 

Read instructions on how to update firmware for user-upgradeable Nissin Digital products such as the MG80 Pro, MG10, and Air 10s.

Models with Non User-Upgradeable Firmware:

Firmware updates for current, non user-upgradeable Nissin flash models are performed free of charge in our California office for Nissin Flashes purchased from an authorized US Reseller.  This includes the Nissin Di700A, i60A, i40, i400, i600, Air 1, and Air R.

Please send an email to (or fill out our contact form) for instructions.  We will then send you the required form that you need to fill out and include with your flash when sending it to us for the firmware update.

You can check the firmware version of your flash by following the instructions located on the manufacturer's website:

There is a $19.95 fee to update discontinued Nissin Flashes.