Nissin MG60 Flash Firmware Update Instructions

Nissin MG60 Flashes have user-upgradeable firmware. That means that you can update the internal software that runs the MG60 in order to add compatibility with new cameras, fix problems, or to add features.

The MG60's firmware can be updated by downloading the current firmware files to a USB OTG Type-C flash drive and inserting the drive into the MG60 flash to perform the update.

How to Check a MG60 Flash's Current Firmware Version:

1. Switch off the MG60 flash's power.

2. Hold the Pilot button and the Power button together.

3. The LCD display will show the current firmware version.


4. Release the Pilot and Power buttons, and the firmware version page will disappear and return the interface to the main page.

How to Update the MG60 Flash's Firmware:

1. Download the firmware file from (click on the "Firmware update" link on the left of the page or scroll down to the firmware update section.

2. Connect the USB OTG Type-C drive to the computer.

3. Format the USB drive to FAT32 format.

4. Copy the firmware file you downloaded to the USB flash drive.

5. Eject the USB flash drive from the computer.

6. Insert fully charged batteries into MG60.

7. Insert the USB flash drive into the MG60.

Insert USB drive into MG60
8. Switch on the MG60 flash.  The pilot light of MG60 will blink yellow.

9. The light will turn green when the firmware update procedure is complete.  Switch off the MG60 flash and remove the USB flash drive.

10. Switch on the MG60. Repeat the procedure to check the firmware version and confirm that the version matches the current version of the update.