Nissin Digital Flash Compatibility with Sony Cameras

●  Compatible Model, ○  Incompatible Model, - Untested Model
Numbered footnotes are listed below the table.


*1  Use the Sony Shoe Adaptor (ADP-AMA) 

*2  It slightly interferes (contacts) with the EVF. Since you can not use EVF, it can not be used because diopter correction does not work by interfering.

*3  Optical wireless function are not available.

*4  For using with those Sony camera models, not support the Air R's HSS High-speed sync function :: α9, α7R Mark III, α7R Mark II, α7S Mark II, α7 Mark III, α7 Mark II , α99 Mark II , α6500

*7  The flash charging lamp in the camera viewfinder will not go out.

*8  Limited by the camera system function, Flash TTL function will be disabled when camera set to M manual exposure mode.

*9  When shooting in continuous mode, flash exposure of TTL mode may become unstable. 

*10  Sony eliminated the remote shutter cable socket from this camera, which means the Air 10s shutter release cable cannot be plugged into the camera, and therefore the MG10 remote shutter will not trigger the camera.

*11 Camera's flash compensation function is incompatible with the Air 10s.