Nissin Digital Flash Compatibility with Nikon Cameras

●  Compatible Model ○  Incompatible Model - Untested Model
Numbered footnotes are listed below the table.


*1  -2EV underexposure when the flash does not hit the subject directly, such as when bouncing or diffusing the flash.

*2  Flash will not fire continuously when the flash is set to Manual mode while using the D4's Q continuous shooting mode.

*3  MF18 Nikon requires firmware 12-9 to use with Nikon Z series mirrorless camera models.

*4  SD Mode not supported.

*5  Commander and Flash may freeze when the camera's electronic shutter mode is active.  If the Commander / Flash units freeze, remove the battery, then reinsert the battery and turn off the camera's mirror-up function.  Power on Commander / Flash unit again.

*6  MF18 underexposure with firmware version 12-09 when using the flash's Auto/TTL mode with the Nikon D7500.  Set the "My TTL" value in the flash menu to +1 to compensate for underexposure.

*7 When using Air 10s with MG10/MG8 and the camera set to Auto FP (HSS) - TTL does not function properly when the shutter speed exceeds the camera's flash sync speed.

*8 Firmware update may be required.  Please contact us for details.