Nissin Digital Flash Compatibility with Fujifilm Cameras

●  Compatible Model, ●H  Supports HSS/FP High Speed Sync, ○  Incompatible Model, - Untested Model
Numbered footnotes are listed below the table.


*1  The Fujifilm camera is supporting of High speed synchronize function after camera firmware updated

*2  Flash can be insert on the hot shoe of main body or that of EVF. When inserted a flash on the EVF shoe, do not tilt-up EVF since this may make the EVF damage.

*3 Nissin Air 10s includes 2 remote release cables for use with the MG10's remote shutter trigger including 1) Mini USB compatible with FUJIFILM camera port RR-80, and 2) Micro USB compatible with FUJIFILM camera port RR-90.  

Some FUJIFILM cameras require RR-100 cables.  To check compatibility please visit the FUJIFILM'S remote release chart at