Nissin Digital Flash Compatibility with Four Thirds Panasonic/Olympus Cameras

●  Compatible Model, ○  Incompatible Model, - Untested Model
Numbered footnotes are listed below the table.


*1  Unstable operation may appear when turn on the S-OVF Function ( Optical view finder simulation ) of  EVF and shoot with EVF. 

*2  Flash's optical slave wireless mode is incompatible with camera's wireless flash system.

*3  Di700A for FT version will be supporting Olympus E-M5 Mark II after flash firmware updated.

*4  Hardware compatible on or above the following Serial Number: i40: 8A18XXXXXXX~  i400:8927XXXXXXX~

*5  According to the specifications of Panasonic Lumix series, the continuous shooting function cannot be used when an external flash is installed on the hot shoe.

*6  Nissin Air 10s FT includes 2 remote shutter cables compatible with the  Panasonic DMW-RS2 or Olympus RM-UC1 type camera sync port. Therefore to use the Air 10s remote shutter function with this camera a shutter release cable compatible with the RM-CB2 type sync port is required (sold separately).