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Numbered footnotes are listed below the table.


*1  Extremely underexposure (about -2EV) appear when Air 1 mounted on D5 to control wirelessly the slave flash and the flash light does not hit the subject directly, such as bouncing or diffusing, 

*2  In D4 · D4s, when manual flash is set, when you shoot continuously and rapidly manually in the Q mode · 1 sheet shooting mode, emission may be missing. Please understand that it is based on specifications.

*3  At the time of FP flash, it may be underexposed by about 1 stage compared with the genuine strobe

*4  SD Mode not supported

*5  Commander / Flash unit may be freeze when camera turn on the electronic shutter mode with mirror up mode. If Commander / Flash unit freezes, remove and re-insert the battery. Turn off the in-compatible function of camera then power on Commander / Flash unit again.

*6 A firmware update may required in the future.