Nissin Ambassador Frank Doorhof


Professional Portrait Photographer, Lighting Expert, Gifted Educator

Photographer and KelbyONE trainer Frank Doorhof teaches workshops model photography in his studio in Emmeloord, but also worldwide and in unique places like castles, museums and urbex locations. Frank teaches you how light works. Because if you know what light does, you can meter and steer it to your will, always, everywhere. This guarantees great model pictures. Frank works with small flash, big flash and LED.

Recently he switched to Nissin. “It was hard to find a compatible small flash for Sony, with all the options I want and need. I love the modeling light in the latest model MG80 and the firm grip on the MG10 to mount it to my stands. By the way all mounts are really sturdy. The NAS 2,4Ghz system works perfectly even in difficult locations. The Air10s trigger is incredible, I can change every setting on the strobe without going there and having to touch it. I love the large displays.”

Frank has several instructional videos and presets for sale on his website about of course model photography, the light meter and street & travel photography in Sweden and New York.

His bestseller “Mastering the Model Shoot” is translated in multiple languages like Chinese, Dutch and Czech. He also wrote 3 Dutch books about small flash and about how to shoot in every location.

On social media Frank makes vlogs and videos with reviews, tips and tricks all photography related. His vlog “Behind the closed DOORs” shows behind the scenes of his workshops and the results.

Monthly he and his team broadcast “The Digital Classroom”, a free, online, interactive live shoot straight from his studio. His YouTube channel ( is full of reviews (“Quite Frankly”), interviews (The DOORhof is always open) and a lot more.

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