Nissin Ambassadors Erica + Jon

Brand Photographers, Visionary Planners and Creative Stylists

We're Erica + Jon, a husband and wife photography team and the proudest mom and dad to two amazing kids. We like to think of ourselves as visionary entrepreneurs with a passion to positively impact everyone we work with.

We understand the value that professional photography brings to businesses, and as creatives we wanted to design a unique, stress free experience where we plan, style and execute your vision. So look no further, we're the answer to your brand's imagery needs!

Since we met, we've brought out the best in each other. Same applies to our business — with both of our talents combined, we are able to bring every client an amazing and unique experience. With one's ability to take a vision and bring it to life through creative styling, to another's quick thinking and ability to execute and handle logistics (you can guess who is who!).

We know what each other is thinking which makes for very efficient shoots. Together, we lift and balance each other in order to create the best work for our clients.

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