Top 9 Instagram Posts of 2020

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Image 1: Jenna Adele Barrett

Find her on Instagram - @antheminart

LOVE the use of light and color. Another beautiful shot from Jenna created using Nissin Flash and Rogue Flash Gels and Modifiers.

Image 2:  Rick Friedman

Find him on Instagram - @rickfriedmanpix

Created with Nissin Flash!

Image 3: Jenna Adele Barrett

Find her on Instagram - @antheminart

Singer/model Haven on location in Austin, Texas. "This shot was lit using Nissin Flash which makes small space and location shoots so much easier!" Jenna added a pink Rogue Flash Gel to create some drama and add depth to the image.

Image 4: Jenna Adele Barrett

Find her on Instagram - @antheminart

Gorgeous placement of light and color using Nissin Flash and Rogue Flash products!

Created using Rogue Flash Gels, the new Nissin MG80 Pro Flash and the Nissin Di700A. "Another look from my session with @janie_stewart using gels! Of course this look was inspired by Bowie. I used the Nissin MG80 Pro for my main light and placed a gel between the model and the light to just catch the edge. I used 2 Nissin di700’s with Rogue gels in red behind and to the side. It was super fun to create this look and I love using my gels in new ways to create new effects!”

Image 5:  Dixon Roque

Find him on Instagram - @droxpix

Beach beauty captured at sunset using a Nissin Di700A flash modified with a 26” Octobox positioned at camera right about 6 feet from the model.

Model: @sweetsabreebree

Image 6: Joe Brady

Find him on Instagram - @joebradyphotography

Simple, but striking portrait from created with Nissin Flash.

"While I usually use two or three lights for many of my portraits, it’s amazing what you can create with just one simple speedlight flash... For my gear, I’m using a Nissin Di700 Air system on my Sony A7rIII... My favorite light shaper for headshot portraits is a soft box - typically 20x30” or 24x36”. Since a soft box is simulating window light, it doesn’t need to be high up shooting down on the subject - instead it is perfectly parallel and even with the face just like a window, so no high ceilings needed. There are three basic placements and directions of this light that I will use, but my favorite is done by “feathering” the light. When there is a wall behind my subject, I’ll have the light shooting parallel to the background so that little or no light from the speedlight hits the background. This allows for dramatic portraits even if the setting isn’t perfect.” For more tips from Joe, click on his profile @joebradyphotography > Visit his website > Sign up for his Foto Friday newsletter.

Image 7: Tim Engle

Find him on Instagram - @timengle

Creative lighting with Nissin Flash and Rogue Flash Modifiers.

Image 8: Frank Doorhof

Find him on Instagram - @frankdoorhof

'Lois' Shot during the Frank Doorhof A-Z Workshop using Nissin Flash and the Rogue Flash XL Pro Reflector.

Image 9: Stuart Williams

Find him on Instagram - @the_yogi_photographer

Created using the Nissin Di700A Flash with the Air 1 Commander.

Model: Michelle van Straaten of