Professional Photographer Magazine Just Honored us with Four 2020 Hot Ones

t's a huge honor to be chosen for the 2020 Professional Photographer Magazine Hot Ones, showcasing products for professional photographers that are innovative, exciting, and inspiring.

Hot One 2020:  Nissin MF18 Macro Ring Flash

The Nissin MF18 Macro Ring Flash has full TTL compatibility in Canon, Nikon and Sony versions.

The MF18 gives you precision light control (1/1 to 1/1024), plenty of power for macro photography (GN16), and ease of use with an intuitive color display interface.

Hot One 2020:  Nissin MG80 Pro Flash

Check out the new Nissin MG80 Pro Flash, a powerful new flash for high volume portrait and event photographers.

Don't miss another shot just because your flash overheated. The MG80's heat resistant design, quartz flash tube, and li-ion battery option keeps you shooting instead of waiting.

Hot One 2020: Nissin Carbon Fiber Light Stands

The new Nissin carbon fiber light stands are great for your home studio or location photography. Quickly and securely attach umbrella brackets, speedlights, soft boxes, LED lighting, and most standard lighting accessories.

The smaller, lighter Nissin LS-55C Light Stand, fits in carry-on luggage, expands from 19”-79” and weighs 22oz. with a max load of 3.3lbs.  The taller Nissin LS-65C Light Stand expands from 24”-106”, weighs 29oz. with a max load 6.6lbs, accommodating heavier lights and accessories.

Hot One 2020:  Rogue FlashBenders v3

Rogue FlashBenders v3 are the ultimate light modifier for location photographers who want to travel light.  FlashBenders pack flat and their 'shapeability' offers unparalleled versatility to control and diffuse light.  The new v3 designs attach faster, shape light better, fit more flashes, and grip your flash even better.

FlashBenders v3 attach quickly and securely to just about everything from small compact flashes to large round flash heads, and everything in between.  Choose from shapeable reflectors, soft boxes, lighting gels, and honeycomb grids.